What is the Wizard's Star?

The Wizard's Star is a symbol, in vivid color, of your individuality. It is very rare to find any two Wizard's Stars that are exactly alike because the colors are assigned by the numbers derived from your birth date and birth name. It is intended to give you an image of inspiration and to provide motivation to live up to the wonderful qualities and potential associated with each of the six numbers and colors that comprise your Wizard's Star.

Sally Faubion has devised a method of creating the Wizard's Star online --

What you need: The full name of the person (at birth - the name on the birth certificate) and the full birthdate (month, day, and year). Sally recommends using the full name of the person at birth, or the name used most frequently. Using different names will produce different results.

What you receive: With each full name and birthdate that you input, you receive a colored version of the Wizard's Star suitable for printing (page 1), and an interpretation of all the numbers that appear on the Star (page 2).

Make my Wizard's Star!


Celebrity Wizard's Stars and Interpretations

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs wizard star

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga wizard star

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